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Your camera solution partner for an intelligent world.



Teknique is a specialist systems integration provider for camera and vision solutions. Teknique brings an innovative approach, combined with deep knowledge and experience, to a wide range of industries.

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Adding a visual sense to your home presents so many opportunities to make the home environment safe, and function more efficiently. Teknique’s deep experience in smart home, smart appliances, and smart environment focuses on solving problems that make a difference to everyday lives.



Enhance your consumers experience with state-of-the-art vision technology and put the highest quality video images right into their hands. Designed to fit into action paced lifestyles, to capture all the important moments, Teknique’s consumer based camera products provide innovation and new opportunities to shape use and functionality.


Fleet and

Intelligence video use provides support and insight into the operations and activity of your fleet while on the move. Manage employee’s safety and wellbeing, while collecting data to better inform decision making and resulting performance through Teknique’s unique approach to logistics control and fleet surveillance.



Innovative vision enabled use across the medical industry helps overcome emergency barriers and gets the right information to the right people, especially in time critical situations. Video integration into platforms within ambulances or operating rooms opens opportunity for greater insight and specialist involvement, bringing new solutions to impact others.



Video surveillance in the field of law enforcement greatly contributes to the safety of users, along with that of the community. Solutions in this industry can be tailored to various camera housing and methods of surveillance, driven by Teknique’s extensive experience providing law enforcement video surveillance technology to the biggest industry leaders.



Health, safety and productivity can all be positively impacted by use of embedded vision technology and AI within manufacturing and industrial automation. Teknique’s approach to this industry demonstrates deep understanding, with bespoke solutions to improve environments and how employees and machinery operate within them.

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