The essence of what we do is to design and integrate a customized Ambarella® based camera module into your product. We specialize in integration for drones, IP video products, wearable cameras and more. From choosing the imager, lens and hardware components, and integrating the software, to testing, calibrating and manufacturing, we've got it covered.


The success of every video camera product depends on how well the image produced serves its intended purpose. Examples of performance priorities can include low-light for security, no-blur for sport, and image stability or camera learning for drones. Our leading expertise and custom-built technology for testing and tuning camera modules ensure fit-for-purpose video and image results every time.


We can help you manage large-scale mass production, even in a distant part of the world, without losing quality control. We work directly with trusted manufacturers and understand their cultural nuances. We provide them with training on how to produce your product and advice on the right equipment to buy. We also show them how to integrate our automated product testing system so you have complete visibility wherever you are. Ensure your product ticks all the boxes with our proven assurance program.